What are the general requirements to rent a car?

Drivers must be over 23 years, with a valid driving license issued at least 2 years ago. The driving license must be greek, or european (for EU countries), or international (for non-EU countries) accompanied by the national license.

What should i bring when picking-up the car?

a) Your driving license b) your ID card or passport.

Can anyone else other than myself drive the car?

Only drivers mentioned on the rental agreement (lease contract) are allowed to drive the rental vehicle. Euphemus allows you to include two additional drivers in the rental agreement, free of charge. The additional drivers must present their driving license and ID card and must comply with the driver age limits stated earlier.

What is the insurance coverage on your cars?

The rental vehicles of Euphemus are insured with Collision Damage Waiver (C.D.W.) program, including Third Party Liability, Theft and Fire Insurance. That means you enjoy a comprehensive insurance coverage onboard a car from Euphemus in Greece. However, if you are responsible for damage of the rental vehicle, then you only pay up to the amount of liability (€500 + 24% VAT) and the remaining amount shall be covered by the insurance company. For this coverage to apply, it is necessary that you call on the spot the Police and the Accident Care service of our insurance provider to report the accident or incident.

What are the main exceptions in insurance coverage?

The insurance does not cover damages caused a) while the driver of the vehicle drives under the influence of alcohol or drugs b) by violation of the High Way Traffic Code c) while the rental car is being used by any person not specifically named as driver or additional driver in the rental agreement or d) in case the renter fails to provide Euphemus with the Police accident or incident report, as well as with the Accident Care report from the insurance company that insured the car of Euphemus. Also, the insurance does not cover damages to the underside of the vehicle, the wheels and tires, as well as the theft of personal items from the car.

Which areas do you serve?

We can deliver and pick-up rental vehicles from the Athens International Airport, as well as other locations within the Attica region, after prior agreement.

What are the payment methods?

Payment must be completed before the start of the rental. Euphemus accepts payment via bank transfer, POS and cash.

How do I make a booking?

You can make a reservation (booking) request through e-mail, or by phone. You will receive an e-mail or text reply based on availability, within 24 hours. Should you accept the offer and wish to proceed with reservation, a down payment equal to 20% of the rental price is required. After the down payment is received, you will receive a written reservation confirmation from Euphemus.

What is the policy for cancellations?

Cancellations must be requested in written at least a week before the start of the rental, otherwise the down payment is not returned.

What happens if I return the car earlier or later than the agreed time?

Returning the vehicle earlier does not entail a refund. For delayed returns there is a grace period of 3 hours, after which a full day’s rental price will be charged.

Can I travel abroad with the car?

Transport and driving of the rental car outside the borders of Greece is prohibited.

What is your fuel policy?

The car is delivered with a full fuel tank and should also be returned full. If you return the car with less fuel, the cost of the missing fuel will be charged.

Can i remove seats of the car?

No, removing seats is not allowed. Also not allowed is carrying more passengers than the number of seats stated on the vehicle’s license.

What if i have a problem with the car?

In the unfortunate event of a breakdown you should contact us immediately. The phone number of Euphemus is written on the rental contract.

What if i have an accident?

You should contact us immediately and also call the Police to report the accident. Police emergency number is 1571 for English, french and german language and 100 for greek language. Please note that the Police report is necessary for the insurance coverage.

Do you have Roadside Assistance and Accident Care services?

Yes, all Euphemus rental cars are covered by 24 hours Roadside Assistance and Accident Care service. The phone number of  the Roadside Assistance and Accident Care service is written on the rental contract.